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Barclaycard app

Use your phone and tablet to manage your account

The Barclaycard app is the easiest way to manage your account on the go. You can securely pay your bill, check your balance and keep track of your transactions. You'll find a full list of features below.

It’s safe, secure and free to download from the App Store and Google Play. If you have an Apple device, you may also be able to log in securely using Apple’s Face ID or Touch ID. Android users may be able to use ‘Face recognition’ or ‘Fingerprint login’.

Get started with our step-by-step guides

From paying your bill to updating your details, our app can help you manage your Barclaycard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We've put together some handy step-by-step guides to help you get started.

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Keeping your personal details safe

The Barclaycard app doesn’t store any account information on your phone or tablet. And your Barclaycard account can only be accessed with your log in details. So, if your phone is lost or stolen, as long as you’re the only one who has them, you’re the only one who can get into your account.

Making it easy

Check your balance

See exactly where you’re at

See your statements

Make sure everything’s as it should be

View your PIN

See your card PIN securely if you forget it

Pay your bill

Make a payment in just a few taps

Contact us

Get straight through if you need to

Managing your account

Activate your card

You can activate it in a few simple steps

Update your details

You can update most of your personal details on your mobile

Replacement Card

Order a new card if it’s been damaged

Lost or Stolen Card

Block your card if it’s been lost or stolen

Taking control of your finances

Direct Debit

Set up and amend a Direct Debit

Review payments

See when and what you’ve paid

Review a transaction

Review your individual transactions

Review spend

Have a look at what you’ve been spending

Products and features for you

Balance transfer

See if you’ve got an offer and apply

Money transfer

See if you've got a Money transfer offer

Additional cardholder

Share the simplicity and security of a Barclaycard. Conditions apply

Before you get started

When you’re ready to register you’ll need your Barclaycard to hand and a UK mobile number. Terms, conditions & restrictions apply.

Download the Barclaycard app now:

To use our app, you need to be the main Barclaycard account holder.

The Barclaycard app isn’t available for Windows and Blackberry devices, but you can still manage your account online.

Get started with our step-by-step guides

We've put together some handy step-by-step guides to help you start using the app – from registering your card to making a payment.

View the guides

Other things you need to know1

When you register for the Barclaycard app using your Barclaycard, you agree to have digital statements for your Barclaycard(s). If you'd like to change to receive paper statements you can change this at any point in the app

Sometimes, due to recent changes or activity on your account, you may be unable to access your PIN instantly. This is to protect your account information from being accessed by an unauthorised person

At certain times or depending on your reason for calling via the app, we may still need to request further security information from you

You’ll need a compatible mobile device, operating system and internet access

If you have an Apple device, you may be able to log in with Face ID or Touch ID. Android users may be able to use ‘Face recognition’ or ‘Fingerprint login’. Features may vary depending on your device, operating system or the version of the app you have

To check if your device is compatible with the app, see the Barclaycard terms and conditions

Standard network charges for data usage may apply. Check with your network provider for details

The app isn’t available for Commercial or Partnership cards (with the exception of Hilton Honors card) – so watch this space for other partner updates

The app won’t work on rooted or jailbroken devices

Got any questions about security?

We’ve got the answers. If you’re ever worried that someone may have got hold of your login details, contact us as soon as you can.

Are you a Barclays customer?

If you’ve got a Barclays current account and a Barclaycard, you’ll be able to view and manage both of these in the Barclaycard app - no need to download both apps.

The way you pay online is changing

With the new way banks are helping protect you from fraud, you’ll sometimes need to confirm it’s you when you pay for things online. The most secure and convenient way to do this is using the Barclaycard app.

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