Today I will pay single-handedly

Turn your Android mobile into a contactless  way to pay

The Barclaycard app is designed to make your life easier by packing the features of your Barclaycard into your phone. And now you can turn any compatible Android handset into not only a new contactless way to pay but also an instant replacement Contactless Mobile card if your Barclaycard goes missing.

Get started

You have to be registered for the Barclaycard app to use these features.

If you’re already registered, just make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the app then log in, select ‘Contactless Mobile’ and follow the instructions. There’s even a short tutorial showing you exactly what to do.

If you’re not registered for the Barclaycard app it’s free to download from Google Play.

Set up Android Contactless Mobile

How to set up contactless mobile image

Unlock the app

Tap the side menu

Tap Contactless Mobile

Slide to select your card for contactless payments

See how it's done

Take a minute to see how going contactless with your Barclaycard app can help make your life easier

Take a look at how easy it is

We’ve made a short video to show just how easy the app makes things if you need a replacement Barclaycard.

Lost your card?

No worries. If your card goes missing we can download an instant replacement Contactless Mobile card to the app. Just call us. or get in touch via the app and whilst you’re waiting for your new card in the post, you can still continue to pay the contactless way on your mobile.

Once you’ve set up Android Contactless Mobile, wherever you see this little symbol  you can use your mobile to pay the fast, easy and secure way. The current contactless limit is £30 but at some retailers you can use Android Contactless Mobile to pay up to £100 by entering your PIN (the one you use with your card).

Is your phone compatible?

To take advantage of these handy features with the app, your Android mobile has to be NFC capable and using an operating system of KitKat 4.4.2 or above.

You’ll need to have downloaded the latest version of the Barclaycard app and also have an eligible Visa card but sorry, IHG cards are currently excluded.

If Contactless Mobile doesn’t appear in your menu even though you have an eligible Visa card and you’ve updated to the latest version of the app, it means your handset isn’t compatible.

Got Barclays Mobile Banking?

If you prefer, you can set up Contactless Mobile in Barclays Mobile Banking. And not only can you activate your Barclaycard, you can also set up your Barclays debit cards to make contactless mobile payments in shops or on Transport for London. Find out more about Contactless Mobile in Barclays Mobile Banking.