How to report fraud

Noticed something suspicious on your account? Act now. Reporting fraud to us is quick and seamless. We’ll take care of everything for you, and will investigate and refund you if we find fraud on your account.

To report fraud online

Log into or register for Barclaycard online servicing and click ‘query this transaction’.

To report fraud by phone

Call 0800 318 665 or +44 (0)1452 828 309 from abroad – call charge information .

Before you contact us, tick off these quick checks:

  • Ask any additional cardholders if they've made a purchase on your account
  • Check all your receipts and any purchases you’ve made on the internet, phone or by mail order. You might have a receipt showing a different name than on your statement
  • Look at any agreements you've set up with companies for monthly, quarterly or yearly payments. This could be the reason for the charges on your account

The next steps

  1. The first thing we’ll do is cancel your card to stop any further fraud on your account. It’s also important to safely destroy any other cards linked to your account, including those of any additional cardholders. Your new card should arrive in three to five working days.
  2. We’ll investigate your claim and refund any fraudulent transactions – including any fees or charges we’ve added to your account.
  3. If you phone us to report fraud, we might ask you to fill out a fraud claim form. You’ll need to post it to us within 28 days – otherwise, we’ll assume you don’t want to carry on with your claim. You can download a fraud claim form PDF (238KB) or ask us to post one to you.
If you don't have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download it for free at Get Adobe Reader

If you’ve lost your Barclaycard or it’s been stolen, it’s important to call us as soon as you can, so we can cancel your card.

From the UK 0800 151 0900
From abroad +44 (0)1604 230 230
You can also use our Next Generation Text or SignVideo service at .

International calls will be charged at a higher rate – please check with your telecoms provider. Find out about our call charges .

Keeping your account secure is our biggest priority, so the most important thing to remember is we’ll never ask you for your:

  • online login details
  • PIN
  • full passcodes
If you ever get a phone call, email or text message asking you for this info, please get in touch with our fraud team .

If we need to contact you, you’ll receive an automated call, email or text from us. We’ll ask you to confirm the transactions we need to check on your account. All you need to do is follow the instructions.

But how will you know it’s us? To help you identify a genuine call, email or text from us, you can take the following steps:

By phone

Listen to this sample of our automated voice call (75KB) so you know what a genuine call from us sounds like. You can also use our number checker to confirm our fraud team phone numbers.

By text

When we query a transaction by text, the only thing we’ll ask you to do is reply Y or N. We’ll never ask you for any personal details or security information. You can reply to our text messages free of charge in the UK and you’ll be charged no more than a standard text from other countries.

By email

Any emails we send you will always hide the majority of your personal information and will only ever include your name and the last four digits of your card.

Find out more about why you might hear from us and how you can check it’s us.