Meet your fraud team

Meet your fraud team

Meet your fraud team

When it comes to protecting you from fraud, you’re in expert hands with our dedicated, 200-strong fraud team. Investing in state-of-the-art technology is at the forefront of our fight against fraudsters, which means we can alert you in less than 60 seconds if we spot a suspicious transaction on your account.

Meet some of the team protecting your account from fraud:

John – educating our team about all things fraud

Giving the fraud team advanced training to deliver above and beyond service to customers is just part of my role. My team works across the whole fraud team to find ways to prevent losses in the UK and overseas, and we prevent between £300,000 and £500,000 of fraud a month.

John’s top tip

“Always be on your guard online – we’ll never ask you to send us your personal info by email. And be wary of any emails that click straight through to our online servicing page, in case it’s a fake site. You can verify it’s us by checking our site security.”

Judith – passing fraud info to the police every day

Gathering evidence for fraud court cases can sometimes take me over a year, but the satisfaction I get when they’re convicted is my reward. A Police Liaison Manager, I’m a Barclaycard vet with 26 years’ experience – 15 of them in the fraud team. On a daily basis, I assist the police with all types of fraud-related crimes and my team deal with 16,000 enquiries from the police every year. I think it’s this close collaboration that makes Barclaycard the best in the business when it comes to fraud.

Judith’s top tip

“We’ll never get in touch to ask for your details – and that includes asking you to tap your Barclaycard PIN into your phone key pad. If you’re not sure it’s us, hang up and call us back.”

Oli – stopping fraudsters accessing your account

Being genuinely passionate about stopping fraudsters from accessing customers’ accounts is the reason I’ve been part of the fraud team for so long. I spent eight years with Barclays as an Operations Specialist dealing with fraud checks and fake IDs, before I became Barclaycard’s Customer Verification Team Leader. It’s my team’s job to make sure people they’re speaking to are genuine customers, not fraudsters. To date, we’ve been responsible for identifying and preventing £4.3m of fraudulent transactions.

Oli’s top tip

“Watch what you share on social media – your pet’s name or favourite footy team could give fraudsters a clue to your password or security question. Use different passwords for your accounts, and use a mix of letters, numbers and digits so they’re hard to crack.”

Angie – helping to protect vulnerable customers from fraud

Helping to support vulnerable customers from fraud, is all in a day’s work for me. This can include everything from educating the elderly about potential scams, to helping victims of fraud who have a long-term illness. I used to work for the police and I love looking after people. A particularly rewarding part of my job is helping customers to rebuild their confidence after a fraud has happened on their account, so they feel confident enough to start using it again. 

Angie’s top tip

“Think about older relatives, who might not be as savvy as you, and the steps they should be taking to protect themselves online. You might instantly recognise a scam, but fraudsters trick people all the time, particularly the elderly.”