Barclaycard servicing updates

Barclaycard online servicing updates

Helping to keep your account safe and up to date

We’re dedicated to helping keep your account safe, secure and easy to use, so that you can manage your Barclaycard with peace of mind. That’s why we continually review your feedback to improve your online servicing experience and help you do just that.

Here you can find information on the latest, most significant updates to your online account. Whether it’s a more secure way of logging in, or an easier way to navigate your account and offers, you can find everything you need to know below.

  • September 2021

    Our new Chat service is coming soon

    We’re sorry we can’t send you texts about this service yet, but here’s a sneak preview of how it will work:

    Whenever you need us, you’ll be able to Chat to us online.

    Our new Chat service replaces Secure Messaging with an easier to use, quicker and more flexible service when you need to reach us. 

    You’ll be able to send and receive messages at any time using your Barclaycard online account, the app, or online at Barclays if you also have a bank account.

    How to use the new Chat service online

    Finding the Chat service

    Once you’ve logged in to your Barclaycard account you’ll be able to select ‘Chat’ – you’ll find it under ‘Help’ at the top of the page (If you’re using the app you’ll find it in the ‘Contact us’ section by scrolling down the page, or under ‘Help’).

    Screenshot showing help section window

    Starting a chat and receiving replies

    When you start a chat you’ll be asked what you want to talk to us about.

    Screenshot showing Chat pop up window with start a chat button

    Select one of these options to continue. 

    Screenshot showing Barclaycard assistant chat window

    We’ll try to connect you with one of our agents straight away – however, if we’re not able to reply immediately we’ll let you know how long it will take for us to respond, so you don’t need to wait around.  Please send as much information as possible about your query as this will help us to reply in full.

    Screenshot showing Chat window message while waiting to connect with an agent.

    If you’re still logged in, when we reply we’ll let you know on screen so you can check out our response straight away. 

    Screenshot showing minimized chat icon

    If you log out before we reply, you’ll already know how long we’ll take to reply, so you can log back in to check our response.

    Your current, or latest chat is always at the top of the list. Just select it to continue your conversation.

    Screenshot showing welcome back message
    Screenshot showing chat window after an agent is assigned

    Your chat history

    All your chats are stored online, and you can scroll back through them whenever you want.

    Screenshot showing latest conversations option with previous chats list

    To make sure it’s easy to keep track of new and old chats, once your current chat has been resolved, or there’s been no activity for some time, your chat will move into ‘Previous chats'. 

    Screenshot showing previous chats list

    If you’re not already talking to us in a current chat you’ll be able to continue one of these previous chats by selecting it and then choosing ‘Continue this chat’ to send us a new message.

    Screenshot showing chat window with continue this chat button

    Don’t forget you can view all your chats with us at any time – either online at Barclaycard or Barclays, or in our app.

  • June 2021

    Changes to your account summary page

    We’re making some changes to the account summary page you see when you log into Barclaycard online servicing, so don’t worry if things look a little different. We’re making these changes so that:

    • you can see a snapshot of your account more easily,
    • you can check any loyalty schemes you might have more quickly,
    • you can quickly access extra information and helpful features, like viewing your PIN, by selecting ‘More’
    Screenshot showing new look lozenge, loyalty scheme option, and ‘more’ pop-up

    We’re not making any changes to the way you log in. And for your security, you’ll also be able to see when you last logged in, right above the summary details of your account.

  • September 2020

    The way you log into online servicing is changing

    With the new way banks are helping protect you from fraud, we’ll sometimes need to ask you for extra information to keep your accounts secure.

    ‘Strong Customer Authentication’ (SCA), which is part of the new Payment Services Directive 2 regulations mean we are introducing a new ‘2 factor’ authentication process when you access your accounts online.

    What’s changing?

    You’ll need to enter your username/ID number or your 16-digit card number, just like today, followed by your 6-digit passcode and memorable word. Then from time to time you’ll also be asked to confirm it’s you in an extra step. This won’t happen every time you log in, but will happen the first time you log in after we make the changes.

    There are two ways to confirm it’s you: 

    Using your Barclaycard
    Enter the 3-digit card security code (CVV) from the back of your Barclaycard

    By text message
    If we have your mobile number, we can send you a one-time verification code by text message

    How will it work?

    Step 1: Enter your username or ID number.

    Screenshot showing username or ID number field

    Step 2: Enter your passcode and memorable word.

    Screenshot showing passcode and memorable word fields

    Step 3: Enter you card security code (CVV).

    Screenshot showing card security code (CVV) field

    Or choose to send a one-time verification code via text message and enter the code we send to your mobile.

    Screenshot showing one-time verification field
    Screenshot showing completed one-time verification field

    What do I need to do to make sure I can keep logging in?

    • If you don't have your card details we can send you a new card ahead of the changes - you can request this online, or call us on 0800 151 0900.
    • Check that we have the right mobile phone number for you using online servicing or the Barclaycard app.

    What can I do if I don't have a card or a mobile phone number?

    • If you already have the Barclaycard app, you can continue to use it in the same way with your 5-digit Passcode, Touch or Face ID.
    • If you don't already have access to the app you won't be able to use Barclaycard online servicing anymore and you won’t be able to register for the app without a valid Barclaycard or mobile phone number.

    Find out more about security online

    We’ve got plenty of practical help and support about how to stay safe online.

  • September 2019

    Changes to when your session times out

    For your security, your online servicing account is automatically logged out if you’re inactive for a certain amount of time. To increase your account’s security, we’ve changed this time from 10 minutes to 5 minutes. You’ll be given a warning when your session is about to time out, and you can choose to stay logged in if you need to.

    Screenshot showing time out warning message
  • August 2019

    New alert for Direct Debit payment

    If you’ve set up a Direct Debit to pay your Barclaycard bill, you’ll now receive an alert to let you know the payment amount that’s due each month. These alerts will be sent to you via email by default.

    To switch to SMS alerts, log into online servicing, select ‘Your details’ then ‘Alerts & reminders’, and choose SMS.

    Screenshot showing how to change your Direct Debit payment alert

    Additional cardholders – mobile number reminder

    If you have one or more additional cardholders on your account, it’s important that you keep their details up to date so that they can continue to shop online. You’ll now see a reminder on your summary page when you log in prompting you to review and update their mobile phone number if needed.

    You can also review and update your contact details by logging into online servicing and selecting ‘Your details’.

    Screenshot showing reminder that additional cardholder mobile number is missing

    Secure messages

    We’ve made some changes to the secure messages area of your account, to help make it easier to get in touch:

    • We've changed the layout to help make it easier to see messages you've received, and to send new messages
    • The 'Reply' button is now easier to see
    • Drop-down icons have been added to help make it clearer to see which areas are expandable.

    To find the secure messages service, log into online account servicing, click ‘Help’ and select ‘Help, messages & phone numbers’.

    Screenshot showing new secure messages area
  • June 2019

    Improvements to the login screen

    To help make the login process simpler and more secure, we've made the following changes:

    • The cookies message has been updated
    • There are now permanent hint messages above the input fields
    • The layout has been simplified – Username and ID number have been combined into a single field with the option to use your 16-digit card number instead if you prefer
    • The card number field has been combined into a single field
    Screenshot showing initial log in screen


    Expanded view (when 16-digit card number option is selected)

    Screenshot showing initial log in screen expanded view
  • April 2019

    1. Login screen

    To help make the login process simpler and more secure, we've made the following changes: 

    • The surname field has been removed
    • A help message has been added below the input field to help explain each option in more detail
    Screenshot showing initial log in screen

    2. Transfers and offers page

    We've made it easier to find your latest transfers and offers. Instead of choosing from a drop down menu, you can now find a link to your transfers and offers directly in the main menu.

    Screenshot showing transfers and offers page