Your cash interest rates and fees

Understanding interest

The cost of taking out cash

Using your Barclaycard to take out cash, or for other cash-like transactions such as gambling, might be more expensive than using your Barclaycard in a shop.

When you take out cash in Sterling or make a cash-like transaction, you’re charged interest from the date of the transaction, to the date you pay it off. This always applies, even if you pay your total outstanding balance in full by your payment due date.

So before you take out cash – from a cash machine or over the counter – or use your card for cash-like transactions, make sure you understand what the interest and fees will cost you.

Interest for Sterling transactions

Whether you take cash out or make a cash-like transaction, you’ll pay a cash interest rate. This is charged daily, from the date we add the transaction to your account, until you’ve repaid your cash balance in full. You can find your cash interest rate on your statement:

Fees for Sterling transactions

You’re also charged a cash fee for cash and cash-like transactions.
The typical fee for taking out cash from a cash machine or over the counter is £2.99 if your transaction is less than £100, and 2.99% if your transaction is more than £100.
If you make a gambling transaction, however, this is always charged as a percentage, which is typically 2.99%.
Please note 2.99% is our standard fee rate, but there are some variations depending on the credit card you have. Find out more in our terms and conditions .

Same interest rate and fee, different transactions

You’ll pay the same cash interest rate and cash fee when you use your card for any cash-like transaction. These include…

  • Gambling
  • Lottery websites
  • Money orders
  • Wire transfers
  • Buying foreign currency from a UK bank or Bureau de Change – including traveller’s cheques and pre-paid foreign currency travel cards

Please note, on your monthly statement, the fees for ‘cash-like’ transactions’ are called ‘cash transaction fees’.

Taking out foreign currency

Planning a trip abroad? Take foreign currency out with your Barclaycard while you’re abroad, and you’ll benefit from the ‘up to 56 days interest free’ period if your balance is repaid in full by your payment due date. Cash withdrawals made in the UK and abroad are charged a cash transaction fee of 2.99% (minimum of £2.99).

Find out more about using your card abroad .

Your cash limits

You have a daily cash withdrawal limit, as well as a total cash withdrawal limit on your Barclaycard. How much depends on the type of card you have.

Daily cash withdrawal limits range from £300 to £500 a day, and your total cash withdrawal limit is tailored to you.

You can find your daily and total cash withdrawal limits on your statement, just after your minimum payment information. To see your limits, log into or register for Barclaycard Online Servicing and click ‘View card limits’ under ‘Access card services’.

Putting you in the picture

To give you a better understanding of how fees and interest are charged when you take out cash in Sterling, and for transactions charged in the same way such as gambling, we’ve created some examples with a comparison table.





Simple cash rate per year

(27.9% compound equivalent)

(27.9% compound equivalent)

(27.9% compound equivalent)


£3.59 (2.99%)


£1.50 (2.99%)





Total paid




Illustrative examples only. Customer cash interest rates can vary, so please check your terms and conditions on your latest statement. Assumes £0 balance at time of transaction. Transaction carried out on the first day of customer’s billing cycle and full payments received on payment due date.

Your payments

If you don’t pay your statement balance in full by your payment due date, we’ll apply the amount you do pay to reduce your higher interest rate balances, before your lower interest rate balances. Find out about payment allocation.

Where to find your terms and conditions

You’ll find all the information you need, including your total and daily cash withdrawal limits, on your monthly statement. You can also read our credit card terms and conditions online.