Understand your credit card interest

Understanding interest

Want to know more about how interest works? You’re in the right place.

Simple and compound interest

Your Barclaycard statement shows your simple rate next to your compound rate. It’s important to understand how compound interest works – the longer it takes to clear your balance, the more you’ll pay in compound interest.

Find out more about how simple and compound interest works.

Bank of England Base Rate

Your standard and cash interest rates move in line with the Bank of England Base Rate. Your promotional balances are not affected by these changes.

Find out how a change in the Base Rate could affect you

Our Repayment Calculator helps you pay us less in interest

The longer you take to pay off your balance, the more interest you’ll end up paying. Just by paying a little more each month, you could clear your balance sooner than you think, and pay less in interest.

Enter your current details into our Repayment Calculator and see the difference a few pounds extra can make.

Repayment Calculator

Interest calculator

To see how a change in the Bank of England Base Rate could affect you, try our Interest calculator. 

The calculator is just a guide – it doesn’t take into account all the things that affect your payments – but it does help to give an idea of what a Base Rate change could mean to your monthly minimum payments and interest.

Find out what a change in the Base Rate could mean for you