Understanding your fees

Understanding fees

Fees you may pay

It’s important you understand about our fees, which you may have to pay on your Barclaycard account. These range from fees for using your card abroad, to default fees for paying your bill late.

Fees for taking out cash in Sterling

  • You’re charged a fee for cash transactions. The typical fee for taking out Sterling cash from a cash machine or over the counter is:

  • £2.99 if your transaction is less than £100
  • 2.99% if your transaction is more than £100

Please note 2.99% is our standard fee rate, but there are some variations depending on the credit card you have. These fees apply to most of our products, but there are some exceptions – please check your terms and conditions .

Fees for gambling

The typical fee for this type of transaction is 2.99%.

From 26 January 2021 any transaction attempted to be made with a gambling establishment or a gambling website will be blocked.

Fees for using your card abroad

Planning a trip overseas? If you buy something with your card while your abroad, you’ll pay one single, non-sterling purchase fee of 2.99% every time you use it. If you withdraw foreign currency using your card, you will just be charged a cash transaction fee of 2.99% (minimum fee of £2.99). Plus, you’ll benefit from the ‘up to 56-day, interest-free’ period if your balance is repaid in full by your payment due date. This fee applies to most of our cards, but there are some exceptions, so check your terms and conditions. 

Find out more about using your card abroad. 

Fees for balance transfers and offers

From time to time, you may take out one of our promotional offers. For example, a balance transfer or money transfer. If a fee applies, we’ll always let you know how much it will cost you before you apply.

Fees for duplicate copies of your statement

We no longer charge a fee for a duplicate copy of your statement or a record of a transaction. Registered for Barclaycard online servicing  or use the Barclaycard app ? You can download up to 12 months of statements and print them off as and when you need them.

Our default fees

Fees for late payments, or going over your credit limit

You’ll pay £12 each time:

  • You make a late payment, miss a payment or pay less than your minimum amount
  • You go over your credit limit

It’s important to keep your payments on track. If not, in some situations, you could be charged two default fees, for example:

  • If you’re close to your credit limit and a late payment fee takes your account balance over this, you’ll be charged the late payment fee, plus an over credit limit fee:

Late payment fee: £12.00
Over credit limit fee: £12.00
Total fees you’ll pay: £24.00

Avoiding default fees

There are a number of things you can do to help avoid paying default fees: