What should I do if I think I've been charged the wrong amount or if I accidentally touch my contactless Barclays debit card or Barclaycard on a card reader when travelling in London?

If you think you've been charged in error, you'll need to log into your Transport for London (TfL) online account to view and confirm the details of the disputed fare or charge. If you still feel you've been incorrectly charged, you'll then need to contact TfL to resolve this for you.

If you've been charged a maximum fare because you've touched in with one card and touched out with another, we're only able to refund the charge that applied to your Barclays debit card or Barclaycard. You'll need to contact the operator of your other contactless card to organise a separate refund. It might be easier for you to contact TfL, as they'll be able to organise refunds to both cards. Plus, if you have a TfL online account, you can apply for a refund there.

If you travel the same route on a regular basis, TfL can estimate where you would have touched in or out, to auto-correct your journey charges. This stops your account being charged with a maximum fare. This happens with Oyster users too.

We recommend you visit tfl.gov.uk/contactless for more information.

You can also get in touch with us, if your dispute is unresolved.