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Payment solutions for restaurants

Fine dining and fine payments

Fine dining, fine payments

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Barclaycard payment solutions for restaurants

After a relaxing time in a restaurant, cafe, pub or bar, shouldn’t settling the bill be as friendly as your waiters? Well, that’s what Barclaycard serve up to diners across the UK every day.  Payments are quick and easy for customers – and seamless and secure for you. All thanks to our menu of point of sale, online and mobile solutions. Bon appetite. Bon payment.

Exceptional service included

The ingredients for an exceptional payment service? Our people. We get to know your business inside out so you’re ready from day one and kept up to date with the latest innovations.


Sharon explains how 50 years of payments experience can help your business grow.

Know your customers’ tastes

A great dining experience keeps your customers coming back. And our technology and customer data insights can really help understand what your diners want and what will tempt them to book again and again.


Wendy explains how data and insights can enhance your customers’ payment experience.

5 star payment security

We can’t prevent a bad review but we can help prevent fraud and keep you secure. Our trusted data security and fraud prevention tools offer exceptional peace of mind. So after a busy day serving, you know you can relax.


Paul explains how Barclaycard’s experts help keep your business safe.

Bite-size news and insights

Restaurant diners want digital on the menu

Customers want digital on the menu, can you offer the convenience to keep up?

How security can boost your bottom line

If you don’t get payment security right for your restaurant, it could impact your bottom line.

What our customers say

What our customers say

Find out how we worked together with Strada’s Italian restaurant group to help them serve up a great customer experience. Read the full case study

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