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Payment solutions for International

International payment solutions

Make it easier for your customers to pay wherever they are in the world


International currency processing and acceptance

Wherever you do business and whatever currency you want to accept we make trading globally simple and safe.

  • Process payments in over 100 international currencies and receive settlement in GBP, EUR or USD
  • Take multicurrency payments face to face or online
  • Choose the settlement currency that best suits your business needs
  • Enhance your customer experience by providing the option to pay in their own currency
  • Increase your payment success rate by accepting card payments in multiple currencies

Take your business worldwide

Selling abroad could open up exciting opportunities for your business – from growing your sales, to economies of scale. Our Barclaycard Multicurrency Solution makes it easy for your customers to pay in their own currency. Your customers can pay in over 100 currencies and we can settle the amounts back to you in a choice of GBP, EUR or USD.

Let customers pay in their own currencies

Make it easy for tourists or business travellers to pay in their own currency with a card machine that accepts UK and foreign cards. A Dynamic Currency Conversion terminal allows overseas customers to see the purchase cost in their own currency. So they know exactly how much they’re paying.