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Sky partnership

Sky partnership

Celebrating small businesses’ big wins with Sky

Sky partnership

Tales of transformation: from grassroots to Sky high

We’ve partnered with Sky and Tim Campbell MBE to shine the spotlight on some of the UK’s brightest small business heroes and share their growth stories – showing the payment part is just the start.

Read on and watch the highlights of each one, including the latest on inspiring costume designer, Camille Adomakah.

Camille Adomakah: dressing for success

We go behind the scenes with independent Costume Designer Camille Adomakoh, who’s latest project sees her dressing Suranne Jones for Sky’s Original ‘A Christmas Carole’ production.

Piglet’s Pantry: the pie’s the limit

Jo Hunter, food lover and owner of Piglet’s Pantry, shares how the business scored their way into football fans’ hearts (and stomachs) all around the country with their hand-cooked pies.

Electro Love: the business with electric dreams

Damian Walshe and Airon Baker, founders of Electro Love, tell all on their nostalgic 80s and 90s themed experience – which comes complete with DeLoreans, disco balls and Duran Duran.

Tips and tools to help your business succeed

Tips to shrink business stress

Feeling the pressure of the rising cost of living? Here are five tips to help you take control and reach your goals.

An all-in-one payment solution

Smartpay Touch gives you all the tools you need to simplify your business admin and maximise your profit.

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