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Terms and conditions for using your Barclaycard card with Apple Pay

These terms and conditions are here to help you understand how you can use your Barclaycard commercial cards with Apple Pay. These are additional to the terms and conditions for your main agreement for the card you're linking to use with Apple Pay.

How does it work?

If you have a physical plastic card,  simply link it to Apple Pay, then turn on Apple Pay, enter your passcode (or use Touch ID or Face ID), and then use your device as if it was a contactless card wherever you see the Contactless or Apple Pay sign. 

If you have a virtual card created via Precisionpay Go, simply select the in app provisioning button to provision that card into your Apple Wallet and then use your device as if it was a contactless card wherever you see the Contactless or Apple Pay sign.

The card you select will be debited and will show up in your transaction history, just like any other transaction.

Things to know

  • Some contactless terminals may let you make payments above the contactless limit
  • If we replace your physical plastic card, we'll link your new card to Apple Pay automatically. This only relates to physical plastic cards and not virtual cards
  • When you link a card, please note that using Apple Pay will be like using another card on that account with a different card number (the long number across the front). That's worth remembering when asking a merchant for a refund for something you've bought using Apple Pay, or when touching out on the TfL network
  • If you don't want to use Apple Pay anymore, just delete your linked card in Apple Pay
  • Do also read your agreement with Apple and any privacy policy that applies when you use an Apple device or Apple Pay

Does it cost anything?

    Your internet or network service provider may charge you for using data on your device


  • Make sure you delete all your information in your Apple Wallet when you change or swap your Apple device
  • Don't tell anyone your passcode or any other security details relating to your device or Apple Pay. We'll never ask you for them, so don't share them with anyone. If you do, let us know immediately
  • Don't install or use an unauthorised modification of iOS. This could have had its features changed in order to work, which may make it less secure, and means that fraudsters could access your device and steal your information or money
  • Before your card will be accepted into the Apple Wallet, security checks are performed on the ID of your device (to check it is not stolen or misused)
  • If the card cannot be accepted into the Wallet, please
  •        - contact us directly if it is a physical plastic card
  •        - contact your administrator if it is a virtual card (please note that by accepting these terms you agree that your corporate card administrator will be able to view any declined provisioning attempts and may contact you to perform additional authentication steps)