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Take B2B payments from transactional, to transformational

3-minute read

Hear from Linda Weston, Head of Core Product, Barclaycard Payments, who talks to Chad Wallace, Executive Vice President of B2B Solutions at Mastercard, about the future of the B2B payments landscape, how automation can drive your business forward and the importance of managing supplier relationships.

Take B2B payments from transactional to transformational
Chad Wallace

Chad Wallace, Executive Vice President of B2B Solutions at Mastercard

Having held senior roles at Goldman Sachs and Capital One, Chad is now Mastercard’s lead on large market commercial products, including Barclaycard’s Precisionpay with Mastercard Track.

In a world where money moves fast and supply chains are pressured, Linda and Chad acknowledge the challenges faced by businesses today. Crucially, they explore how corporates can find ways to react in real-time to ever-changing buyer and supplier expectations.

The conversation covers opportunities available for corporate businesses: from automation and unlocking working capital to recreating the B2C experience. And, as they dig deeper into the payments landscape, they share learnings on the changing relationships between buyers and suppliers, and how to best manage those relationships.

The key to success? According to Chad, it’s a willingness to meet in the middle. Meaning more interaction between buyers and suppliers. Greater collaboration. Better negotiation. And stronger partnerships.

If you want to get more value from your B2B payments, watch the full interview to discover how a connected, automated payment solution can benefit buyers and suppliers, and open a world of possibilities.

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