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B2B payments news

Payment news

Business to business payments news

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Insight: Frictionless Payments

Written in collaboration with Procurement Leaders, discover how more efficient digital solutions could help reduce payment friction from your business, whilst also helping procurement functions refine controls and better manage payment risk.

The ‘realising change means greater influence’ moment

Our Eureka moments and the future of payments white paper shows how procurement, treasury and finance departments are using technology and innovation to create more efficient processes. By improving their data insight, we’re helping them gain greater value and strategic influence in their business.


Future-proof your supplier relationships

The ‘securing a responsive supply chain’ moment

We can help you harness technology to create an efficient and frictionless procurement process. Learn how automation and increasingly AI is going to impact your procurement from experts across the industry.

Watch our video for more or download the audio version.

eProcurement insight

Aggregate Industries are building healthier supplier relationships though more efficient procurement, according to Director Gerard Cantwell.

Virtual payments expertise

David Price, Managing Director of Client Coverage, explains how Barclaycard’s integrated solution Precisonpay is delivering convenience, flexibility and control.

Added value technology

Andrew Burgess’ expert view on how automation and AI are reducing procurement costs and empowering staff to add more value to their roles.


Save time and money with automation

The ‘adding value and saving money’ moment

We’re seeing finance departments being transformed by automation. It can help speed up payments, strip out errors and embed compliance.

Watch the video or download the audio to hear the latest insights from our payment experts.

Real-time decisions

Accenture’s Sulabh Agarwal gives us an industry view on the importance of being able to monitor transactions in real-time for more certainty.

Seamless B2B payments

We get the insider view from Barclaycard’s Maria Parpou on how Precisionpay has overcome important payment barriers.

Data driven change

Better data is building businesses cases for strategic change according to leading financial consultant, Chris Argent.


Free up working capital for your business

The ‘delivering better value for shareholders' moment

You’ll be amazed at how technology can help to minimise risk and free up working capital in your treasury department.

With technology only looking to play a bigger role in the future, watch our video with the latest industry insight to find out more or download the audio file.


Greater confidence for treasury decisions

BT’s Matthew Key tells us how data-driven insights will help future treasury departments to thrive and make faster decisions.

Greater cash flow flexibility

Commercial Strategy Director for Barclaycard, Anna Porra, shares the benefit of unlocking greater flexibility in treasury departments.

Virtual payments

Discover virtual payments for secure business spending

Precisionpay allows you to pay for goods and services online or over the phone with no need for a physical card. Enjoy the convenience of paying for corporate travel expenses, supplier payments as well as the cash flow improvements that came with our card programmes. Precisionpay’s easily-accessible online services can help to streamline and track business spend, making it a great alternative to cheques or bank transfers.