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Embedded card terms

These terms are additional to your existing Agreement with us. These terms apply to the use of embedded cards including when used with a Travel Management Company (TMC). If you do not complete the declaration provided by 14 March 2022 we will be in contact with you in order to start taking steps to suspend your embedded card. These Embedded Terms will also take effect from when you next use your card.

Within these Embedded Card Terms: "Payment Intermediary" means a company authorised to initiate embedded card transactions on your behalf. "Secure Corporate Payment Environment" means either a proprietary host-to-host restricted network; or an access controlled purchasing environment designed for business to business expenditure, which is not a public website and is accessible only by authorised users via a secure log-in process. 

1. Use of the Embedded Card

1.1 You will only provide the embedded card details to a merchant or Payment Intermediary that operates a Secure Corporate Payment Environment. 

1.2 You will ensure that any Payment Intermediary initiating a payment on your behalf  operates a Secure Corporate Payment Environment.

1.3 You will not allow the embedded card details to be used on a public website either by you or a Payment Intermediary.

1.4 Each embedded card can only be used with one merchant or secure booking portal. You will need to request another embedded card (subject to our discretion) if you wish to use the product with more than one supplier or secure booking portal. 

2. Security and confidentiality

2.1 You must protect the embedded card details from unauthorised use. You shall ensure that having stored the embedded card details with a secure booking portal that any bookings made by authorised users do not disclose the embedded card details.

3. Access to Information 

3.1 If we request, you will obtain confirmation from a Payment Intermediary that its use of the embedded card adheres to paragraph 1 (Use of the Embedded Card). 

3.2 We may request you at any time to provide us with information relating to how you and/or a Payment Intermediary are using (or have used) the embedded card. You agree to comply with any request under this paragraph, even if  the Agreement has ended. 

4. Suspension and termination

4.1 We  may  suspend or terminate the access and/or use of the Embedded Cards if we reasonably believe you and/or any Payment Intermediary are in breach of any of the these terms. 

4.2 If you do not complete the requested declaration by 14 March 2022, we will be in contact with you in order to start taking steps to suspend your embedded card and to potentially terminate your existing Agreement with us. If you complete the declaration and omit certain embedded card numbers we will take steps to block the omitted embedded card numbers.


To be completed by an authorised administrator who is authorised to act on behalf of the organisation detailed below.

I confirm the following:

(i) I am duly authorised to enter to accept the Embedded Card terms; 

(ii) I accept the Embedded Card terms on behalf of the Company listed below;

(iii) That the Embedded Card(s) will only be used with one merchant or secure booking portal; and

(iv) That the Emebdded Card(s) will only be used in a Secure Corporate  Payment Environment.

Please enter your company name as it appears on your statement
(Authorised administrator)
Please provide the last 4 digits of the TMA Corporate Account number(s) that this declaration will apply to. If you require ALL your cards to be exempt just write ALL in the box.