Proactive Security Service (PSS)

Proactive Security Service

How does Proactive Security Service work?

How does Proactive Security Service work?

We understand that PCI DSS can be complicated. Proactive Security Service (PSS) is a premium, fully managed service with a dedicated team to guide you through the whole process. 

Your business is required to be PCI DSS compliant as part of your Barclaycard Merchant Agreement. If you’ve not become compliant through our DSM portal within 90 days, we’ll enrol you in our Proactive Security Service (PSS) at an additional cost. You can choose to opt out of PSS at any time, however, if you opt out and do not use a third-party provider, we’ll charge you non-compliance fees.


The benefits of Proactive Security Service

Defence technology

Comprehensive protection against common web attacks

Data access control

Help prevent access by hackers and other online threats

Behavioural analysis

Detect irregular activity to help prevent data breaches

Benefits of Proactive security service

Scanning application

Perform system scans and reviews on demand

Threat detection

Target vulnerabilities across networks and devices

File monitoring

Instantly analyse unknown files to ensure they’re safe 

Help and support

Help and support

Online and phone guidance to optimise the likelihood of PCI DSS compliance first time.

Safe and secure

Safe and secure

Have peace of mind by protecting your business against the risk of stolen customer data.

Dynamic profiling

Dynamic profiling

Our Proactive Security Service effectively determines the risk profile of your business.

Need more help?

If you’d like to enrol in or have any questions on Proactive Security Service, please call our dedicated support team – and they’d be happy to help.

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