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Dealing with security breaches

How to deal with a security breach

If you think your systems have been compromised, please take the steps provided and contact us on

0800 161 5343

Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm

Seven steps to deal with a security breach

  • Follow your incident response plan 
  • Ensure that no-one can access or alter compromised systems
  • Isolate the compromised systems from your network, and unplug any network cables and/or disable wireless access, without turning the systems off
  • Keep all logs and other electronic evidence of what’s happened
  • Back up your systems to preserve their current state, which will help with any investigations
  • Take note of all the actions you take in the process
  • Make sure you get advice from us before you process any more transactions

Need help with a security breach?

Please contact us on 0800 161 5343 (Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm). You can also find more information on PCI DSS visiting the official 
PCI Security Standards website.