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What is ePDQ?

ePDQ is our online solution for accepting cards over the internet. We have various solutions to suit your business.

Our ePDQ Essential and ePDQ Extra subscriptions both use a method called Hosted Payment Page (HPP). This is our end-to-end solution that provides a secure service for card payment authorisation and settlement. It allows you to trade online with flexible, reliable and straightforward integration.

When a customer chooses products from your website and proceeds to the checkout, they are directed to the ePDQ secure payment environment, where they can pay by debit or credit card.

ePDQ automates and completes the transaction (in a way that is configurable according to the needs of your business), allowing you to continue to fulfil your customers' orders seamlessly.

Our ePDQ extra plus subscription incorporates an API (Application Programming Interface) which allows you to self-host a robust and reliable authorisation and settlement solution, whilst also taking responsibility for capturing your customers' payment details. While this solution does bring with it a number of security considerations for which you will be accountable for satisfying, hosting a payment page on your own server also provides many benefits, including the ability to control every aspect of your customers' payment experience.

ePDQ moto essential and moto extra subscriptions are online card payment authorisation and settlement services that you and your staff can access via the internet browser on their computer. They offer ways to accept and process card payments where the cardholder is not present including mail, phone and fax orders.