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Why do I need to complete my reconciliation?

You should complete your reconciliation each day to avoid the credits to your bank account being delayed. To receive payment for all transactions, please make sure you follow the end-of-day banking procedure (as detailed in your Terminal Operating Guide). Your reconciliation must be completed within your Banking window.

Completing your reconciliation provides you with an individual total for each card scheme. Adding up each of your card transaction vouchers by card scheme should match the report. If they don't, call us on 0844 811 6666* and select option 2 on the next working day (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays).

If there's been a problem with your terminal you may see at the end of the report ‘Cannot Confirm/Totals Do Not Agree'. This means you need to contact us and select option 1 on the following working day (not weekends or Bank Holidays) for clarification.

The reconciliation procedure checks that we have received all transactions taken during the day and also clears the terminal memory to stop the terminal from storing the transactions.

*View call charge information from Business landlines within the UK.