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I have to self-assess my PCI DSS compliance, but I don't understand the self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ); how can I get help?

We understand that self-assessment questionnaires can be complicated. We want to support you in strengthening your data security and ultimately maintaining and reporting a compliant status with the PCI DSS every year.

We have two services available to you to support you through the PCI DSS process:

  • our self-serve portal, Data Security Manager (DSM),
  • our enhanced, ‘hand held’ package, Proactive Security Service (PSS).

DSM provides an online self-assessment portal through which you can: profile your business, complete the allocated SAQ (based on your profile), undertake ASV scans if applicable to your business, and attest your compliance with the PCI DSS. This is supported by a helpdesk which you can contact either by using the online live chat feature, or by calling on 0844 811 0089*.

PSS provides a greater level of support through a ‘hand-held’ approach via telephone calls and emails. Our specialist team will be in touch to talk you through the whole process to help you achieve and maintain compliance with the PCI DSS.

If you use DSM for your PCI DSS compliance attestation, but fall in to a non-compliant status, we’ll offer you an upgrade to PSS, and our specialist team will be in touch to help you. Alternatively, you can call us on 0330 058 3940* and ask to be upgraded to this service at your own convenience.

Find out more about DSM and PSS.

If you don’t use either of Barclaycard’s products, and instead choose to use another Payment Card Industry assessor, you should contact your supplier for support.

*View call charges.