I have received faulty or damaged goods. What can I do?

If the item is faulty or damaged when you receive it and you have been unable to resolve the issue with the company directly, we may be able to claim the amount back from the company.

Before we can raise a dispute, you must have tried to resolve the issue with the company. You must have also attempted to return the goods or made them available for collection to the company. When returning goods, we suggest you use a tracking method as we will need proof of the return. Please either call our Disputes Team on 0800 008 008* or email GCPDisputes@barclaycard.co.uk**.

We must allow the company 15 days to provide either a refund or replacement items. If you don’t receive a refund or replacement after 15 days from the return date, we will require a few things from you to enable us to review your dispute:

  • A full written summary of your dispute including confirmation of how you have attempted to resolve with the company and details of any response given
  • An invoice showing what was ordered
  • Proof of what was received (including details of any fault or damage)
  • Proof of return to the company and proof the company have received the returned goods (if returning goods, we suggest you use a tracking method)

* Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. View call charge information.

** Please include your surname and the last 12 digits of your card number in the email subject line. For security, please do not use the full 16 digit card number.