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Why am I being redirected to a new/different page when attempting to log in to Barclaycard Spend Management (BSM) / Barclaycard Corporate Online Servicing (BCos) / Barclaycard Precisionpay Reporting (SNAP)?

As a result of the new EU legislation called PSD2, we have changed the way you access online servicing. There will now be a new log in page and you will be required to verify yourself by using your card (or authentication card) and your PINsentry card reader. When you have logged in, you can select the servicing platform you need and continue as normal.

If you use Barclaycard Spend Management (BSM), Barclaycard Commercial Online Servicing (BCos) or Barclaycard Precisionpay Reporting (SNAP), you will be able to access them through the new log in page – you don’t need to log in separately.

There is no change to the log in page for Centresuite or Presicionpay.