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What does each of the data values mean?

The standard search results are as follows:

Transaction date - the date the transaction took place Processed date - the date we received the transaction for processing

Transaction amount - the amount of the transaction in the currency it was processedTransaction currency - the currency the transaction was processed in

Card number - the 16 digit number on the cardholder's card

Transaction type - such as sale or refundCard type - such as Visa Debit, MasterCard business

Card scheme - such as Visa, MasterCard, JCBUnique transaction ID - this is a unique value assigned to every transaction

Channel - such as face to face or ecommerceAcquirer reference number - this is the reference of the acquirer who processed the transaction

Merchant ID - the account numberGroup number - typically allocated at the head office of an organisation

Chain number - typically allocated at a mid level of an organisation

Outlet number - typically allocated at the level that processes transactions Transaction authorisation code - the unique code issued the cardholders bank or card issuer

Card input mode - such as chip, key enteredInterchange region - such as domestic or international