Some of The Logic Group’s legacy products stopped working and others went out of support on 31 December 2017

If your business has been using one of The Logic Group products listed below you need to take action now, if you haven’t already done so. These products ceased to work (or are no longer supported) on 31 December 2017 and you will need an alternative gateway product, such as Barclaycard Smartpay, in place if you want to take card payments in 2018.

It’s been over a year since The Logic Group (now part of Barclaycard) issued the official end-of-life notification for its legacy product set. These legacy products were not designed to support imminent changes in the payments industry (eg PSD2 and GDPR).

Whilst the legacy products, conceived in a very different market reality, aren’t able to meet these required changes, our Smartpay products can. This is possible as Smartpay has been designed to anticipate significant and frequent changes, be they client, regulatory or market led.

If you have been using one of our end-of-life products, your Relationship Manager will have already been in touch with you. If you want your business to be able to accept card payments after 31 December 2017, speak to your Relationship Manager for more information about Barclaycard Smartpay. 

The end-of-life product set, which ceased to function or for which support ceased after 31 December 2017, is as follows.

Software Products

  •  Smart Switch
  •  Solve Centurion Interface
  •  SSLGateway
  •  SolveSE (Core) – Windows
  •  Solve SE (Core) – Linux
  •  Solve 2
  •  OPAL (Payer Authentication)
  •  Solve Payment 
  •  Solve Transfer
  •  SolvePFG
  •  ASPEN50
  •  SAFE
  •  Silverfleet Payment
  •  Javalink
  •  COMlink
  •  CIP and FBI Driver
  •  FBID
  •  CAT
  •  Encrypt
  •  Authentikos
  •  RMLink
  •  WSELink
  •  SAP Interface
  •  Oasis2
  •  Solve Management Suite (SMS)
  •  SolveSIM
  •  WHIRL Interface
  •  Fidelio Interface
  •  DMT (Data Management Tool)
  •  DT (Display Transactions)
  •  DE (Display Error)
  •  FileWatch
  •  TCP/IP Input Driver for Solve/SE (for Unix/Linux platforms)
  •  TCP/IP Output Driver for Solve/SE (for Unix/Linux platforms)
  •  X25 Output Driver for Solve/SE (for Linux, Solaris, AIX and HPUX)

Managed Services 

  •  Solve MTS
  •  Solve ESS MTS
  •  X.25 replacement services
  •  Smart TPS V2
  •  Semafone PayPage
  •  Nectar Interface