Barclaycard online security measures

Your security online

We've made security on the Barclaycard website a major priority. Although using the internet is a safe way to manage your Barclaycard account, you need to be on your guard against internet fraudsters to prevent yourself becoming a victim. To help protect you against fraud we recommend you read through the following advice.

Help to fight scam e-mails

Every internet user should know about fraudulent e-mails. They’re the ones that appear to be from a well-known company, but can actually put you at risk. Although they can be difficult to spot, there are some things you can look out for:
  • They generally ask you to click a link to a spoof website. Spoof sites can sometimes be identified by hovering your mouse curser over the link - typically the name of the link will be very different to the website that it says it's directing you to.  However, if you are still unsure of a link, we recommend visiting our website.
  • They may want you to provide, update or confirm sensitive personal information such as your security/log in details.
  • They could suggest that there is an urgent or threatening condition concerning your account.
Even if you don't provide what they ask for, simply clicking the link could trigger background installations of unwanted software, or viruses.

Have the most current anti-virus software on your home computer

Anti-virus software needs frequent updates to guard against new viruses. Try to download updates as soon as you're notified that they're available.

Install a personal firewall on your home computer

To prevent unauthorised access, this is especially important when connecting to the internet by cable or digital subscriber line (DSL) modems.
We recommend installing and configuring a personal firewall and anti-malware software, which are widely available.  Always ensure you install security updates when prompted by your computer.

Checking site certificates and your browser's security

Always check the authenticity of the Barclaycard website by checking its security certificate, which you can do by double-clicking on the padlock symbol on your browser.