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Whitepaper: PSD2, SCA and the Security Challenge

Learn how PSD2 will impact customer payments by downloading our new whitepaper and infographic. To find out how we can support your business, call our payment experts on 0800 096 8237*

Consumer payments are going through unprecedented change. While technology is taking speed and convenience to new heights, it has also contributed to an increase in fraud1. PSD2 is a response to these changes, bringing regulations and security measures up-to-date with strong customer authentication (SCA).

This whitepaper traces the origins and impact of PSD2 and SCA, examining how new technology and regulations are shaping consumer payments, and what this will mean for merchants.

It looks at the rise of fraud and reviews the authentication requirements and exemptions under SCA. And shows typical payment journeys in different eCommerce situations so that merchants have a clearer understanding of how payments are changing, and will continue to change, when SCA is introduced later this year.


The whitepaper includes insights on PSD2 and SCA from Barclaycard’s fraud and regulation experts.

David Jeffrey

David Jeffrey

Director of Fraud, Security and Optimisation

Jamsine Wu

Jasmine Wu

Strategy Manager

Muhammad Shoaib Shahid

Muhammad Shoaib Shahid

Fraud and Security Product Manager

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