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Barclaycard Anywhere refunds

Barclaycard Anywhere refunds

You can issue a refund to a customer in two ways – using the app or the portal. Both ways are simplicity itself.

  • Using the app

    The menu icon

    1.    Open the menu, either by selecting the menu icon at the top left of the screen, or swiping from left to right.

    The Anywhere app menu

    2.    Select the transaction in the summary list. If the transaction is not in the summary list, select ‘View all transactions’ to find and select it.

    The transaction details screen

    3.    Select ‘Refund Transaction’.

    The refund confirmation popup

    4.    The payment will be sent back to the card used by the cardholder. The app displays the date and time when the transaction was refunded.

  • Using the portal

    You will need to know the date of the original transaction to refund it using the portal.

    The month selector

    1.    First, you need to find the transaction. Use the arrows on either side of the month selector above the graph to choose the right month.

    The date selector

    2.    Move your mouse over the graph and a circular blue icon will appear. Drag the icon to a date to view that day’s transactions.

    All transactions for that day appear below.

    The refund icon

    3.    Find the transaction in the list then click the refund symbol.

    A popup will appear asking you to confirm.

    The refund popup

    4.    Select the ‘Refund payment’ button.

    The payment will be sent back to the card used by the cardholder.