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How to change a till roll

How to change a till roll

When your till roll runs out, replacing it is simplicity itself.

  • Step by step guide

    1. Before you get started

    Card machine till rolls

    You can’t replace an old till roll unless you’ve got a new one. You can order till rolls from our approved supplier, PDQ consumables, on 0800 161 5343 (option 4)  or

    Be sure to order the right ones, though. Your card machine can only hold paper rolls that are 57mm wide and 40mm in diameter. If you try to put the wrong size of till roll in your card machine, you could break it.

    2. Open the printer

    How to open the printer cover

    Pick up your card machine with one hand, and use two fingers of your other hand to lift and open the printer cover.

    3. Discard the old roll

    How to remove the old till roll

    Pull the old till roll from your card machine and throw it in the recycling.

    4. Prepare the new roll

    How to prepare the till roll

    Grab the new till roll and peel away the end of the paper.

    5. Insert the new roll

    How to insert the till roll

    Carefully place the till roll into the printer compartment of your card machine. Remember, the end of the paper roll must face upwards and point away from the keypad.

    6. Close the printer

    How to close the printer cover

    Hold the end of the till roll up, then close the printer cover so that it is sticking out. Push the printer cover firmly until you hear the lock click.

    When you’ve done this, your card machine displays READY.

    7. Check the paper feed

    Ready to print receipts

    Press and hold the CLEAR button to check the paper feeds correctly, and doesn’t get jammed.

    And you’re done