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Help and support for your POS solution

Point of sale solution

Help and support for your all-in-one POS solution

Welcome to Smartpay Touch help and support


Setting up and configuring your Smartpay Touch

Setting up and configuring your Smartpay Touch

Whether you’re using Smartpay Touch for the first time or want a refresher on your device and portal, you’ll find all you need in this help hub.

To get started, watch our videos for an overview of what your POS can do. Then, either read the quick-start guide or check out the handy links further down to see how you can set up and configure the solution to your business needs.

Getting to know your POS card reader

Using your POS card reader for everyday trading

Getting to know and configuring your POS portal

Talk to our technical support team

If you do have any problems, our dedicated technical support team are here to help. Get in touch on 0800 151 0399, Monday to Friday, from 9am – 5pm.

Calls made outside these hours will be answered by our general support team who will do their best to help you with your query.