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Mail or telephone sale

Make a mail or telephone sale on a Barclaycard card machine

Selling over the phone or by mail order? It’s great for business but it’s more risky. Here are some things you should know about your liability.

If your customer isn’t present to put their card and PIN into your card machine, you could be dealing with a fraudster and your business is liable. Then, if the genuine cardholder subsequently raises a Chargeback, you could lose the goods and the proceeds of the sale.

Taking the CV2 code means you are still liable but it does help you to avoid non-secure charges.

For more information read our Guide to avoiding card not present fraud.

  • Step by step guide

    1. Key in the sale amount

    Key the sale amount into your card machine, and press ENTER.

    2. Enter the card number

    Your card machine displays Present, insert or swipe card. Enter your customer’s 16 digit number on the front of the card, then press ENTER. The number is shorter on some cards e.g. American Express.

    3. Enter the expiry date

    Key in expiry date on card payment machine

    Now your card machine displays Key expiry date. Key it in and then press ENTER.

    4. Confirm your customer is not present

    screen displays is customer present?

    Your card machine displays Is the customer present? Press CLEAR.

    5. Enter the security code

    key in security code

    It’s usually 3 digits and printed on the security strip on the back of the card. If it’s an American Express card then its 4 digits and on the front.

    6. Follow the extra identity check

    screen displays key in numerics from postcode

    There are two parts to the check.

    First, your card machine displays “key in Numerics from the Post Code”.

    Key only the numbers (not the letters). So for postcode NN4 7SG key in 47.

    Then press ENTER.

    screen displays first five digits address

    Second, your machine displays Key In First Five Digits Of The Address.

    Key in the numbers only (not the letters). So for flat No 123a-456b, key 12345.

    Then press ENTER.

    7. Check the authorisation code

    screen displays first five digits address

    Now your card machine displays an authorisation code for the funds and a message to confirm the result of the address and CV2 data checks.

    It’s your choice whether to go ahead or decline if you’re not happy with the level of match. (A lower level of match may indicate a greater risk of chargeback).

    Press ENTER to proceed or CLEAR to terminate the sale.

    8. Keep your receipt

    Print merchant receipt on mobile card machine

    Tear off your receipt and keep it in a secure place.

  • Why is there an extra identity check?

    As well as the usual check for funds, the extra step matches the customer’s address with data from the card issuer and the National Address Checker, to check the cardholder’s identity, and if the card has been reported lost or stolen. It doesn’t guarantee payment.