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Make a Chip and PIN sale on a Barclaycard Portable card machine

Make a chip and PIN sale on a Barclaycard Portable card machine

With chip and PIN there is no need to handle your customer’s payment card. Your customer simply puts the card in, keys in the PIN, removes the card and it’s done!

  • Step by step guide

    1. Key in the sale amount

    Key in sale amount screen message on Desktop card machine

    Key the sale amount into the card machine, and press ENTER.

    2. Give the card machine to your customer

    Insert payment card into Fixed card machine

    Ask your customer to insert their payment card into the card machine.

    The chip end goes in first, facing upwards.

    3. Ask your customer to key in their PIN

    Key in PIN on desktop card machine

    Your customer should key in their PIN and then press ENTER to confirm the sale.

    If your customer makes a mistake, they can press CLEAR, once for each incorrect digit, and then key in their PIN again.

    4. Wait for authorisation

    Authorisation on desktop connecting to Barclaycard

    Your card machine contacts Barclaycard to authorise the payment and then prints a receipt labelled CARDHOLDER COPY

    5. Give your customer their receipt

    Tear off the cardholder receipt and give it to your customer, along with their payment card.  Then press ENTER.

    6. Keep your copy of the receipt

    Print merchant receipt on fixed card machine

    Now your card machine prints a receipt labelled MERCHANT COPY.  Tear it off and keep it somewhere secure.

    And you’re done

    Return to ready screen on fixed card machine

    Just press ENTER to get back to the READY screen.  

  • Transaction declined?

    Transaction not authorised on desktop card machine

    If the customer transaction is declined, your card machine displays NOT AUTHORISED and the sale is cancelled. Ask your customer for another form of payment.