Secure payments with PSD2

Taking secure payments under PSD2

Taking secure payments under PSD2

What is PSD2 and SCA?

The new EU regulation Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is an industry-wide regulation, introduced to make online transactions safer and more secure.

The SCA enforcement date is 14 March 2022 in the UK, and the EEA deadline was 31 December 2020. Is your business SCA-ready?

Find out more about SCA and the actions your business needs to take to avoid increased declines. You can also access our FAQ document that covers answers to the most common questions received during our recent SCA webinar series.


Your PSD2 questions answered

New regulations can often sound complicated, so we’ve compiled a list of FAQs that might be able to answer any concerns you may have about PSD2.

Whether you want a better understanding of the changes that are coming or just want to get a bit more detail on Strong Customer Authentication, we’ll help you find the answer you’re looking for here.

How will PSD2 affect merchants?

What is PSD2, and how will it affect the way you take online payments? In this article, we look at the impact of this new regulation which was introduced with the aim of improving customer rights.

What is 3D Secure version 2?

This article examines the updated 3D Secure standard, 3DS v2, which aims to reduce fraud during online transactions. Learn more about 3DS v2 and how it will impact online payments.

Industry insights

We speak to David Jeffrey, Barclaycard’s Director of Fraud and Security Products on how merchants are responding to PDS2.

A guide to SCA

An overview of the future SCA regulations and what they mean for online merchants in the lead up to the PSD2 deadline.

Barclaycard Transact

Find out how our fraud screening tool, Barclaycard Transact, could help you manage fraud, maximise sales, and help improve customer experience.

Making payments under PSD2

Making payments under PSD2?

The new PSD2 regulation brings many benefits to a modern payment landscape, but how it will affect the way your business makes payments?

You’ll find the answers with the wealth of information and guidance we have to support you here.

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