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Help and support for Flex mobile card reader

Barclaycard Flex mobile card reader help and support

Call our customer service team
0808 175 4324 

Welcome to your new card reader

Now you're ready to go with your Barclaycard Flex mobile card reader, we've got all the support you need to start taking payments. 

Watch our handy video for step-by-step set up instructions or view the full installation guide (PDF 0.5 MB) here.

You can also read on for help on how to use your card reader, how to make different transactions, and day-to-day essentials, such as end of day banking and changing a till roll.

Using your new card reader at a glance

Follow our simple steps to get started

Remove the cover on the back of the base to insert the power cable and plug it in

Insert the IP cable into the socket and into your router

Lay the card reader on top of the base and it should automatically turn on – if it doesn’t, simply press the green button

Once you’ve started your card reader it needs to charge for up to four hours. You can install the card reader and use it to take payments while it’s on the base unit

Flex terminal
Installing your terminal


Installing your card reader

Follow the on screen instructions.

Start by turning your card reader on and decide if you want to connect it via Bluetooth, WiFi or mobile – we recommend all three so you get the best from your terminal.

The card reader will connect to Bluetooth first followed by WiFi and mobile. If you connect to WiFi, select ‘Automatic Scan’ to look for wireless networks. When you find one, select ‘Personal Security’ and enter your WiFi password.

When connected all symbols at the top of the screen should be green. 

Installing your terminal


You're nearly there

Enter your merchant number found on the side of your reader, followed by the time and date.

You’ll see a reboot screen as the reader resets itself, the screen will go black and you’ll then need to set up your four-digit supervisor code to authorise certain actions – this should be set by whoever’s in charge.

Ready to trade


You're ready to trade

When connection is made, you’ll get an 'Installation successful’ receipt printed off and your reader will run some final checks. If it shows any card types not accepted, then please contact the helpdesk.

That’s it, you’re ready to go and start taking secure payments with Barclaycard.

Taking different payments

  • Chip & PIN

    Chip and pin

    Tap in and confirm the amount and ask your customer to insert their card into the reader with the chip facing up.

    The customer will need to enter and confirm their PIN number.

    Follow the instructions on screen and your card reader will print two receipts labelled one for the customer and a ‘merchant copy’ for you to keep for your records.

  • Contactless

    Contactless payments

    Tap in and confirm the amount and ask your customer to hold their card against the contactless symbol at the top of the card reader.

    Your reader will bleep, a row of lights will flash, and the screen will read ‘approved’ while printing a merchant receipt.

    You’ll be asked if the customer requires a receipt and if they do, simply press the black full stop button when prompted. 

  • Swipe sale

    Swipe payment

    Tap in and confirm the amount and swipe the customer’s card with the magnetic strip facing the reader.

    Tear off the merchant receipt when it prints and get the cardholder’s signature, be sure to check it against the signature on the back of the card.

    If the signatures don’t match, cancel the sale and ask for a different method of payment.

    If you’re happy they match, simply press the green button and follow your reader’s prompts to complete the sale.

  • Phone or mail

    Phone and mail

    From the menu, scroll down to select ‘CNP’, followed by ‘Sale’.

    Enter the amount.

    Key in the card number, expiry date, security code, numbers from the customers post code and numbers from the address.

    When the sale is approved press the green button and your card reader will print a customer and merchant receipt.

  • Refunds

    Refund option

    If your customer is present, select the refund option on your card reader’s menu and enter the amount.

    Insert the customer’s card (or swipe with the magnetic strip facing your card reader) and enter your supervisor code.

    The card reader will connect to Barclaycard to process the refund and issue you with a receipt.

    If your customer is not present, when prompted, enter their card number, expiry date and security code, followed by your supervisor code. The card reader will connect to Barclaycard to process the refund and issue you with a receipt.

Your everyday essentials

End of day banking

End of day banking

On the system menu, select ‘totals’, followed by ‘end of day banking’ and enter your supervisor code. You can choose to either ‘bank all’ or by acquirers (e.g. American Express, Barclaycard), tap 'all' or 'select' as you need. 

It will now print an end of day banking report, and waiter totals if gratuity is enabled. 

End of day banking must be carried out after each day of trading to ensure that all payments you've taken are submitted to us for processing. 

Printing the log

Print a transaction log

Highlight ‘select function’ on your card reader’s menu and enter the code ‘16’, followed by your supervisor code.

Select the acquirer you'd like and tap yes, and your reader will print a report showing the last 20 transactions from that acquirer. 

You can press ‘continue’ up to four times to get 100 transactions.

For other acquirer transaction logs simply repeat the process.

Change the roll

Change the till roll

Hold your card reader securely with one hand and release the printer cover with the other – be sure to remove the old plastic till roll tube.

Place the new till roll into the printer compartment, take the free end of the paper,  close the printer cover and press firmly until it locks.

Once your screen says ‘ready’, press and hold the paper feed button to ensure the paper runs through smoothly.

Further support and guides

Useful numbers (call charges apply, see footer for details)

Customer services: 0808 175 4324 

Authorisation: 0800 1512630

Chargebacks: 0800 1615341

Buy card reader supplies directly from our approved supplier PDQ Consumables or call them on 01698 843866


Safety guide (PDF 474KB)

Procedure guide (PDF 1.03MB)

Getting Started guide (PDF 3.54MB)