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Payment gateway solutions

Payment gateway

Payment gateway solutions

Payment gateways can help increase conversions and bring security to your payment strategy



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Payment gateways

The right payment gateway can open up your business to more shoppers locally and globally, enabling you to realise ambitious growth plans and give your customers what they want.

Maximise revenue wherever your shoppers are in the world, by combining the strength of your brand and offering with a simple, secure and reliable Barclaycard payment gateway.

With over 50 years of innovation in payment solutions, we're experts in designing payment gateways that simplify the complex payments landscape. In turn, this works to help you exceed consumer expectations, gain competitive advantage, and drive business growth, now and in the future.

Is your payment gateway losing you sales?

Find out how the right payment gateway can improve your customer experience and increase conversions

Online payment gateways

Every business has different needs and ambitions. That's why we've got a range of simple, customisable and highly secure online payment gateway solutions, and all boasting industry leading platform reliability.

Whichever Barclaycard online payment gateway is right for your business, you'll benefit from flexible integration, the ability to accept all major payment methods in multiple currencies, and access to a range of business tools designed to drive conversion, including tokenisation and one-click checkout. Not only that, but tough fraud protection, access to data and insights, expert support including 24/7/365 incident response, and value-add options to tailor the gateway to your strategy, all come as standard.

And for extra peace of mind, Barclaycard has industry leading platform uptime, giving you a trusted, reliable, payment gateway service. Our experts can also give you a unique view of the payments landscape, as both a card issuer and an acquirer.

Find out about our different payment gateway solutions

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The benefits of Barclaycard Smartpay online payment gateways

Increase customer conversion rates

Turn browsing into buying, online, by giving your customers a convenient, secure and fast online shopping experience, allowing them to shop however and wherever they want. 

Welcome international customers

Expand globally by taking online payments in different currencies and a range of alternative payment methods, settle in multiple currencies and bridge country borders, with support from our experts.

Use data to improve business performance

Work with our dedicated online payment gateway experts to understand payment trends and gain business insights to get the most from your payment strategy.

Protect against fraud

Put safety first with real-time fraud screening, a high level of PCI DSS compliance,  3D Secure and tokenisation included with our payment gateways.

Get ahead of the competition

Have payment industry insights at your fingertips with regular updates and invite-only events run by Barclaycard Smartpay payment gateway experts.  

Future-proof your business

Help grow your online business by adopting our technology, which is designed to meet the needs of your customers now and in the future, and to evolve with the payment landscape.

Encourage repeat purchasing with tokenisation

Keep customers coming back and protect against fraud with tokenisation.

Enjoy easy integration

Get dedicated support and the right plugins to ensure the payment gateway works with your eCommerce platform.

Rely on expert support from start to finish

From first contact, through integration, and beyond, we’ll give you the help you need, including 24/7/365 incident support.

Why switch to Barclaycard?

"Due to their expertise in security and approach to customer experience, being in partnership with Barclaycard has helped to grow our online business." 

Mike Capstick, Co-founder

Payment gateway - Need to know

The payment gateway is a vital part of taking card payments online, in store, over the phone or on mobile. At its simplest, a payment gateway collects card details at the checkout and passes them securely to a retailer's acquiring bank, and on to the issuing bank to ensure the transaction can be completed.

The right payment gateway partner does much more than this. It can streamline the checkout process, give excellent fraud protection, reduce cart abandonment and offer shoppers a consistent experience regardless of channel, device, language or currency. All crucial factors for retailers aiming to continually improve the shopping experience for customers.

How to pick the right in-store, omnichannel or online payment gateway

As a retailer, you'll know what your priorities are when it comes to building your strategy in an increasingly complex payments landscape.

These might include: exemplary security and fraud protection; integrated or omnichannel commerce capabilities; global expansion thanks to multi-currency payment acceptance; ongoing expert support; and data insights that will help you refine and improve your strategy. It's important to build your payments infrastructure based on your priorities and on your growth ambitions.

Not all payment gateways are set up or developed to keep up with fast-evolving payment technology and customer demands.

Barclaycard Smartpay payment gateway options give you the peace of mind and capability to ensure all of the above, and much more, are covered.

Infographic - What happens during a payment transaction?


The world of ecommerce keeps on growing. New channels and new tech means new demands from today’s connected shopper. And our experts can deliver these for corporates of all sizes and all sectors across the world.

Point of sale

Wherever your customers shop we’re there for them. In store, at an event or even on the road, we’ve an integrated EPOS solution. So payments are effortless and the shopper feels totally secure.

Mobile and in-app

Paying on your mobile or in-app is now everyday. Keeping ahead of this fast-moving world of mobile payments, digital wallets and apps means our mobile optimised payment pages and streamlined in-app payments are essential.


In today’s truly global, digital world, the connected shopper expects to pay easily across every and any touchpoint. Whether they’re in store, on a mobile or online at home, they expect and we deliver a seamless experience.