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Get to know your Point of Sale (POS) solution

Get to know your point of sale (POS) solution 

Your Barclaycard Smartpay Hub base unit at a glance

Let's take a look at the front of the unit

1) Tablet LED

Shows if the base unit’s on or off.

2) Tablet hinge

You can tilt the screen angle.

3) Receipt printer lid

The paper roll lives in here (find out how to change the till roll).

Smartpay Hub

4) Base unit LEDs

Here’s what the different LED colours mean:

Flashing white – the unit’s starting up

Solid white – it’s ready to use

Solid blue – it’s connected to the tablet by Bluetooth

Quick flashing blue – Bluetooth’s available

Slow flashing blue – Bluetooth’s not active


And here’s the back of the unit...

1) Tablet lock

Keeps the tablet locked to the base unit.

2) USB ports

You can use these ports to plug in barcode scanners and other extra devices (you can get these via pdqconsumables).

3) Ethernet port

We’re working on developing this – so you can’t use it just yet.

4) Cash drawer connector

For an optional RJ12 cash drawer (you can get this through pdqconsumables).

Smartpay Hub rear view

5) Cable strain relief

Keeps the power and connector cables in place.

6) Power jacks

You can plug the power supply into either of these.

7) Fixing bracket

So you can secure the base unit to your counter (see out page about setting up your Smartpay Hub).

Receipt printer

1) Pinhole reset button

You can use this to reboot the system (see troubleshooting section below).

3) Pairing button

Allows Bluetooth pairing between the base unit and tablet.

5) Tear strip

Lets you tear paper rolls easily.

Receipt printer

2) Indicator LEDs

Show you what’s going on with the base unit and any other devices that are plugged in.

4) Paper roll compartment

Holds 80mm paper roll for printing receipts.


Physical connections on the base unit

RJ12 cash drawer connector (12V)

4 x standard USBs (500mA)

Receipt printing

Fast, integrated 80mm thermal printer

Controls and status lights

Reset button

Bluetooth communications button

Diagnostic LEDs

Power/status LED

Communications LED




Internal Bluetooth 4.0 module

Power and charging

12V 10A DC power jack input

Physical dimensions

With tablet: H: 210mm – 280mm x W: 315mm x D: 250mm

Without tablet: H: 185mm – 240mm x W: 300mm x D: 250mm

Tablet: H: 180mm x W: 300mm x D: 40mm

Supported devices

The Barclaycard Smartpay Hub supports connection to the following extra devices:

12V RJ12 cash drawer

USB barcode scanners

Barclaycard card reader


Need to reset?    

If the base unit ever stops responding, you can safely reboot it.

Just open the lid of the paper roll compartment and press the pinhole reset switch. The white LED should switch off and then flash to show the base unit’s rebooting. 

Traffic-light LEDs

There are seven LEDs in the printer compartment. Here’s what all those coloured lights mean.

LED colour (top to bottom)


What it means

Green (overall status)




Tamper alert (with red LED)

Red (tamper indicator)


Tamper alert (with green LED)

Yellow (not assigned)

Yellow (PED status)






Comms activity

Yellow (tablet comms)






Comms activity

Yellow (scanner)






Scan activity

Yellow (printer)





More on your Barclaycard Smartpay Hub

Visit our Barclaycard Smartpay Hub page, or contact our support team and we’d be happy to help.