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Desktop help and support

Desktop card reader help and support

How to shut down and switch on

  1. The desktop card reader does not have an ON/OFF switch and cannot be powered off by holding down on any keys.
  2. To turn off, simply switch off the power at the wall socket and unplug the power cable from the mains.
  3. The handset and/or pin pad will then be powered off.
  4. To power back on, all you need to do is plug the power cable back into the main and switch on the socket. The device will automatically power up.

Need more help?

Try our online troubleshooter to fix your card reader.

If you can’t find the answers online, you can contact us and we’d be happy to help. Responses may take longer than usual as our telephone lines are very busy right now.

Set up your card reader using broadband

Set up your card reader using a telephone line