I’m planning to go on holiday and the country I’m travelling to has restrictions in place where arrivals from the UK need to quarantine. I no longer wish to travel; can I claim the cost of the holiday under section 75?

You may be able to claim if you booked the holiday as a package and it is covered by the Package Travel Regulations. If you feel the quality of the holiday will be impacted by the need to quarantine, the Package Travel Regulations cover you for a full cash refund from the merchant. If you booked flights and hotel separately you won’t be covered by the Package Travel Regulations and entitled to the same refund rights, and if you choose not to travel and no part of the holiday is cancelled you will not have a claim under section 75 as the service is still being provided. You should check with the company you booked with to see if there is any flexibility or refund options with the booking you have made.