Raising a dispute

Important information about raising a dispute

Here are some things to consider before raising your dispute with us:

If you haven’t already, contact the company you paid and try to resolve your dispute with them. It’s often a quicker way to get a refund

If you’ve decided to cancel your travel arrangements and they weren’t booked as part of a package, it might be difficult for us to get a refund for you. Check the terms and conditions of the supplier and your travel insurance policy to see if you’re eligible for a refund

If your dispute concerns a holiday, you’ll need to tell us the flight number and hotel booking reference number. Please make sure you include these on your form as we’ll need them to be able to process your case

Make sure you have proof from the supplier that they’re not able to offer the goods or service you paid for, such as a cancellation email, before raising a dispute. You’ll need to upload this as evidence

Gather the details and documents you need before you start. This will help you submit your dispute quickly

Once you’ve raised a dispute, you don’t need to call us. We’ll contact you with the outcome, or if we need more information.