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Want to beat the scammers this festive season?


‘Tis the season to be careful

We all enjoy the festive season, looking forward to all the gifts, treats and time together.

Unfortunately, fraudsters really love this  time of the year too. Shoppers’ spending goes up, their guard comes down, and scammers use every trick in the book to take advantage.

That’s why we’re working harder than ever to keep you safe, so fraudsters don’t spoil the day for customers like you.

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Our top three tips to help you stay safe

Use trusted payment providers when buying on auction sites

Secure Wi-Fi is vital for your privacy. Check that the network you’re using is secure before you make any financial transactions

Ignore unsolicited emails. Only click on links or open any attachments from senders you trust

How to spot a scam

How to spot a scam

Here’s what to look for, to help you stay safe at this special time of year.

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