Can you tell me more about the Card Protection Plan redress scheme?

The Card Protection Plan redress scheme is now closed. The Bar Date for submitting a claim was 30 August 2014.

As this date has now passed, the scheme are not able to consider any further claims. However, under the terms of the scheme, the bar date will be extended if any of the following exceptional circumstances apply:

  1. If customers were out of the country for at least six months between 31 January 2014 and the Bar Date;
  2. If customers suffered from a certified medical condition, such that it was unreasonable to expect them to respond before the Bar Date; or
  3. If the scheme asked customers to re-submit their claim form, because it was not completed correctly (prior to the bar date), and the return deadline falls after the Bar Date.

If exceptional circumstance (1) or (2) apply, customers may still be able to submit a claim and they can confirm this by letter (enclosing supporting documents) to Scheme Processing Services Limited, PO Box 250, Wymondham NR18 8DG. Information about the appropriate supporting documents to provide can be found in the FAQs section of the scheme website Customers must ensure they receive their written requests on or before 28 February 2015.

If exceptional circumstance (3) applies, you’ll have been advised when you received your claim form, and therefore will be required to complete and return within 30 days of being informed. For more information you can contact us.