Your big purchase offer in detail

Your big purchase offer in detail

Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about your new offer, including the little things you need to watch out for.

How does this offer work?

When you buy an eligible purchase you get 0% interest on that item for the listed number of months. Any outstanding balance after the listed number of months will incur interest at your standard interest rate.

Your 0% interest period activates when you make a purchase, not from the date you take this offer. It then continues for the listed number of months.

What purchases aren’t eligible for the offer?

Your offer doesn’t cover cash withdrawals, buying currency or traveller’s cheques, or any cash-like transaction you make such as money orders or wire transfers. It also doesn’t include gaming-related transactions, such as gambling, betting and buying lottery tickets.

Are there any limitations to my offer?

When buying several items in one order, some online retailers may split orders into multiple deliveries and charge for the items when they are dispatched (not when you buy them).

Your promotional rate is only applied to amounts over what’s stated on your offer (such as purchases of £150 or more). So if a retailer breaks your order into multiple transactions under this limit you won’t get your promotional rate on these transactions – even if the total amount you spent was enough to be eligible. If this happens call us on the number on your statement and we’ll see if we can help.

Example: Let’s say your offer gives you 0% interest on purchases worth £150 or more, and you spend £150 on three items worth £50 from an online shop in one go. If the shop decides to process this order as three separate £50 transactions, they wouldn’t be eligible for your promotional rate.

This offer is for you, this card, and for this account. So you can’t use it on any other cards you have, or pass it on to anyone else.

If a purchase is not paid off does the interest start from the date of purchase or the end?

Interest will start from the point that your promotional balance loses its 0% interest promotion. So if you’ve bought a sofa worth £300, but have paid off £250 by the time your promotional period ends, you’ll only be charged interest on the remaining £50.

What happens when my offer ends?

After the offer ends new purchases will no longer be eligible for this offer. Any outstanding balance after the listed number of months will incur interest at your standard interest rate.

You can find your standard interest rate on your latest statement. Bear in mind that your standard rate moves up and down in line with the Bank of England Base rate, so the number you see could change.