TUI terms and conditions

*The 10% discount applies to all products using code BARCLAYS10 when purchased through and paying with your Barclaycard. Available for any number of products added to your booking. No minimum booking amount. This offer excludes any taxes and fees. TUI reserve the right to alter remove of cancel the offer at any time without prior notice. Offer ends at midnight 8th August 2021 BST.

Each product is subject to the specific terms and conditions of the product being booked, as well as the overall terms and conditions applicable in The discount is not inclusive of any extra fees, such as any local charges applied by the operator of official entities. This offer is applicable solely to Barclays members. This promo code is not cumulative with any other TUI offers.

You will be redirected to the TUI website and will be subject to TUI terms & conditions, privacy policy and cookies policy available on their website. Please check these for further details and contact TUI with any queries. TUI is solely responsible for their products and Barclays doesn’t provide any advice, confirmation or warranty in relation to them. TUI may make changes to this offer or withdraw it at any time without notice. In the event the offer is withdrawn, Barclays is not responsible for finding alternatives.