Credit card fees you could be charged

Credit card fees

If you’re thinking about getting a credit card, you need to know about the fees that you could be charged. Fees are what you'd pay in specific situations, for example, if you pay late, transfer a balance to your credit card, or use your card abroad.

Fees for late payments

There's a £12 late payment fee for each time:

  •  You make a late payment.
  •  You miss a payment.
  •  You pay less than your minimum amount.

Please note, we will charge you a late payment fee no more than four times in a year.

Managing your payments

It’s important to keep on track with your payments, because in some situations we could charge you a late payment fee.

If you miss or do not pay your minimum payment amount, you’ll be charged a fee of £12.

Please note, we will charge you a late payment fee no more than four times in a year.

What you can do to avoid account fees

  • Set up a regular payment or Direct Debit to pay a fixed amount each month that covers at least your minimum payment. Try to pay more than your minimum payment if you can, as this helps you pay off your balance faster
  • Register for Barclaycard online servicing and you can set up alerts to help you stay on top of your account. These include alerts to remind you when you need to make a payment to avoid a late payment fee, and balance limit alerts to let you know when you're getting close to your credit limit
  • You can also change your payment date to one that’s more convenient for you. Open or download the Barclaycard app and send us a message from the ‘Help’ section Alternatively, you can call us and ask us to make the change for you
  • We’ve created some useful step-by-step guides to help you get started – from registering and logging in, to paying your bill:

Interest on default fees

We don’t charge you any interest on default fees for 28 days starting from the time we let you know that it is being charged. But after 28 days, we charge interest on your default fee at your standard rate.

Stay on top of your credit rating

Missing a payment won’t just result in a default fee. If you miss a payment or make a late payment you could lose any promotional rates you may have. It could also have an impact on your credit rating. This is because the way you manage your account can be reported to credit reference agencies. More about credit history.

Fees for balance transfers and offers

Your fee depends on your offer, which we’ll always confirm before you apply. This includes balance transfers, money transfers and other promotional offers. If a fee applies to a balance you transfer to your Barclaycard, it will be charged on the amount you’re transferring.

The fee is calculated as a percentage of the amount you’re transferring, and it will be added to your balance. You’ll pay interest on the balance transfer fee at the same rate as the rest of your balance transfer amount.

Fees for using your card abroad

If you buy something with your card while your abroad, you’ll pay one single, non-sterling purchase fee of 2.99% every time you use it. Should you withdraw foreign currency using your card, you will also be charged a cash transaction fee of 2.99% (minimum fee of £2.99).

Fees for duplicate copies of your statements

We no longer charge a fee for a duplicate copy of your statement or a record of a transaction. If you are registered for Barclaycard online servicing or use the Barclaycard app, you can download up to 12 months of statements and print them off as and when you need them.