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Use the Barclaycard app to confirm it's you

Confirm it’s you with a few taps

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With the new way banks are helping protect you from fraud, you’ll sometimes need to confirm it’s you when you pay for things online.

Here’s how you can do it using the Barclaycard app (and make sure we have your latest UK number – you can update this on the app too).

1) Start by adding your Barclaycard details as your payment method (you may already have this set up).

2) You’ll then see the online verification screen. Choose ‘the Barclaycard app’ and you’ll get a notification sent to your phone. If you don’t have notifications switched on, log into the app as normal and tap the bell icon to view your notifications. Choose the notification relating to your payment and tap to confirm.

3) Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm the transaction.

If you have the Barclays app, you can use this to verify your payments too.

Try our secure Barclaycard app

Not got the app yet?

With the Barclaycard app no codes are needed – you can confirm it’s you with a few taps. And if you haven’t got it already it’s free to download.

Some important stuff about using our app

To use the Barclaycard app, you’ll need a UK mobile number and must be the main cardholder of a personal Barclaycard issued in the UK. The app isn’t available for Windows and Blackberry devices, but you can still manage your account online.

When you download the app, you agree to receiving your statements online. You can view these in the app at any time. If you’d like to receive paper statements, you can change your statement settings in the app.

Do we have your up to date number?

Do we have your up to date number?

It’s important that we have your correct UK mobile number so you can confirm it’s you when you’re paying for things online.

Check that we have the right one using online servicing, the Barclaycard app or by calling us on 0333 200 9090.

Additional cardholders?

If someone else has an additional card on your account, they’ll need to confirm their online purchases using a text message or PINsentry card reader. Make sure we have their correct UK mobile number by using Barclaycard online servicing or by calling 0333 200 9090.

Need some help?

If something’s not working for you – or if you need a little extra guidance – just call us on 0333 200 9090 and we’ll be happy to help. Or, check out our main page.

Confirm it’s you with a text message

If you prefer to use text messaging, we can send a one-time verification code to your mobile. You’ll then need to enter this into the payment screen to confirm it’s you.

Confirm it’s you with a PINsentry card reader

This device generates a code to enter into the payment screen to help confirm it’s you. To use this, you’ll need to have your Barclaycard and card PIN to hand.


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