My Barclaycard Cashback Rewards account hasn’t been updated with my recent purchase. What should I do?

Your transaction can take up to five working days to show in your pending cashback.

If you can’t see your cashback after five working days, check your purchase was included in the offer. For example

  • Did you spend at least the minimum amount?
  • Did you spend on the right date?
  • Did you buy from the right store?
  • Did you use the right card?

If your purchase was included in the offer or you can’t see the offer, log in to the Barclaycard Cashback Rewards website and go to 'Settings' then ‘Report a missing transaction’ within 60 working days of the purchase.

You’ll need to tell us

  • The date of transaction
  • The transaction value
  • The last four digits of your card (for security reasons, please don’t give your full card number or account details)
  • Which offer you were taking up
  • Where you made the purchase
  • How much cashback you were expecting (if you know that)

We usually sort things out within ten working days.