What is Barclaycard Cashback Rewards?

It’s a way of offering you cashback on personalised shopping offers. Those personalised shopping offers are created by looking at how you use the Barclaycard Visa credit card(s) you register for this service. It’s available to all personal Barclaycard Visa credit card customers (it’s not available for business customers).

Here's how it works:

  1. Register your Barclaycard Visa credit card on the Barclaycard Cashback Rewards website
  2. You’ll get personalised cashback offers based on how you use that card
  3. There’s no need to activate an offer, or choose which offers you’d like to use in advance. You just need to spend using your registered card according to one of your offers
  4. Your Barclaycard Cashback Rewards account will be updated automatically, usually within about five working days after your purchase. You’ll see the cashback 'pending' in the ‘Statement’ section on the website, and you’ll usually be able to redeem the rewards after 35 days. This might be a bit longer for some rewards, like flights or goods that have certain return policies – you’ll see this in the terms for the offers you use.
  5. Once you’ve reached at least £5 cashback, you can redeem it to your registered card, trade up for vouchers or donate to charity.