What is an Instalment Plan and what are the benefits?

An Instalment Plan is a feature of your Barclaycard. It's a way to spread the cost of a large purchase of between £100 and £5,000 at 0% interest, for a one-off fee. You can choose to repay Plans over any time between 3 and 24 months. If you have enough available credit, you can have up to 10 Plans on your account.

The benefits are that you'll pay no interest and be able to repay your item in equal, bite-sized chunks, which helps make what you've bought much more manageable. When a purchase is moved to a Plan, it's part of your existing credit limit, so you won't need to do any paperwork or go through credit checks to get started.

The Plan repayments will make your minimum monthly payment higher, so make sure you can afford the increase before you set up a Plan.

The one-off fee for each Plan depends on how long you want it for and the amount of your purchase, and will be added to your purchase, so it gets repaid as part of your Plan.

Offers are refreshed every month, so to see if you've got a Plan offer, log into Barclaycard online servicing.

See Instalment Plans for full details.