How do purchase offers work?

Purchase offers work differently, depending on the type you take.

Purchase offer that provides 0% interest on any new purchases made during the promotional period

If you spend £100 on your card on eligible purchases after you get this offer, your total repayments will equal £100, if you pay the full amount by the offer's end date. The longer you wait to use your 0% interest offer, the less time you'll have to get 0% interest on your purchase.

If you haven’t paid-off your full promotional balance by the end of your 0% interest period, we'll transfer any leftover amount to your standard balance, and interest will be charged at your simple standard rate.

Purchase offer that gives you cashback on new purchases over a specific price

If you buy a sofa worth £1,000 on your card, we'll give you cashback (based on your offer percentage), which will be credited to your account. Purchases made after the offer's end date won't be eligible for cashback. Only items that meet the price requirements outlined in the offer are eligible for cashback.

Purchase offer that gives you 0% interest on new purchases over a specific price

Let's say your purchase offer gives you 0% interest on new purchases over £150. If you buy a dishwasher worth that much on your card, you won't have to pay interest on it, as long as you repay the full balance before the offer period ends. The offer will be automatically applied when you buy an item during the offer period.

Whether you buy something on the first or last day of your purchase period, you'll get 0% interest on it for your full offer duration.

When you make a payment to your account, we'll apply the amount to reduce the higher interest rate balances, before lower interest rate balances. This means, you'll usually pay off any cash transactions and standard rate purchases, before you pay off your purchase offer transactions.