Why do I receive an 'Unable to download' message when using Internet Explorer 8 to view my online statement?

You'll see this message when one of the security settings is set to 'disabled'. To view your statements online with Internet Explorer 8 please follow the steps below. Please note that some of our features may not work with Internet Explorer or other older browsers. We recommend downloading one of the supported browsers listed below, and to always use the latest browser version. Keeping it up-to-date could make the internet more secure for you and help you get the most out of the websites you visit. Having an up-to-date browser could give you better online privacy protection as well as protection against web scams and fraudulent software.

  1. click on 'Tools'
  2. select 'Internet Options'
  3. click on the 'Advanced' tab
  4. scroll down to the 'Security' option
  5. make sure the 'Do not save encrypted pages to disk' option is ticked
  6. click on the 'Apply' button

Browsers we support

  • Chrome (available for Windows, Apple, Android and Linux). Get Chrome
  • Firefox (available for Windows, Apple, Android and Linux). Get Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge (available for Windows). Get Microsoft Edge
  • Safari (available for Apple). Get Safari